Monday, October 6, 2008

What's Up With Fido's Chakra??

People have been exploring the healing power of stones and crystals for centuries but what about your furry friend? According to the owner of puppy love jewlrey Aventurine is a great stone for rescue pets. It is a very healing stone for animals, helping ease emotional scars. Aventurine instills confidence and boosts resistance to stress while calming fears and oversensitivity. This stone resonates with your pet's heart chakra. There are many other collar charms with stones and crystals targeted to your pets particular needs from blocking negative energy to boosting immunity.

Did you know we raised over $500 for ARF through eBay's giving works program?? Marjorie single handedly contributed over $100 through several 100% donations from the sale of her gorgeous creations to ARF Tulsa. Thank you Puppy Love Jewelry!!!

Are you sad you missed the eBay auction? Then be sure to participate in our upcoming LIVE auction. Your donations and support are always greatly appreciated year round.


Anonymous said...

didn't realize you guys had a blog - how great! Feel free to cross post at You can create your own page and blog post. Just launched today and will announce tomorrow.

We will also promote the auction through Tails from the Dish if that is okay?

Great job!

Anonymous said...

wonderful!! Thank you so much!!