Friday, October 17, 2008


Even eBay is getting in on the fuzzy lovin'!! Thanks to their giving works program sellers on eBay can donate a percentage of any auction to ARF Tulsa. Our very first eBay seller was Maggie Vansickle. She chooses to share her amazing talent to save more puppy and kitty lives. She lists portraits on eBay and donates a percentage of every auction, every time. You can search 2ARF on eBay or click here for a complete list of participating sellers...

Puppy kisses and kitty licks for all the eBay, eBay sellers and eBay shoppers who send ARF their support and Fuzzy Lovin'!!!


Maggie VanSickle said...

I am so Honored by your compliments and to have the distinction of being the first to donate through eBay's Giving Works. Thanks so much and I hope that these first auctions are the beginning of many years of successful fundraising to benefit all of the Fuzzy Ones!


Anonymous said...

Maggie you really are a gift to animal're eBay listings not only add funding to our rescue group but help spread the word for animal rescue groups everywhere