Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Foster Mommy Nora Shares More Fuzzy Lovin'

Diary of a Mad Foster Mom
March, 2008
A young family with two young girls and a girl black and tan mini-doxie came to PetSmart to buy a dress for their own dog. Then their girls saw Peanut and the rest was history. The whole family came to the adoption and brought Peanut a camouflage-colored sweater of his own.
Red has come to live here for now. He is another Min-Pin mix. By now I see a pattern — all the dogs Judy picks are male. Red taught me to pick up my shoes and put them away. He chewed some bungee cord shoelaces on my favorite spring shoes. I couldn’t find new ones in the store, so I called the catalog company where I bought them, told them about ARF and Red, and was sent two pair of FREE bungee cord shoe laces. Thanks Land’s End. Red is in a very high energy stage, like any teen-aged boy.
Red was adopted by a couple in an apartment. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. ARF took him back, another foster home took him in, and he has since found his forever home.
I picked Max, a middle-aged Boston terrier, as a break from the active teen-aged dogs. Max had become an ARF rescue shortly after the ice storm, when he arrived at our veterinarian’s offices with very little hair and very bad skin infection, one eye in such poor shape it had to be removed, and almost unable to walk from cracked infected paws.
He has spent several months with the vet; everybody there loves his happy spirit and will to survive. I fell in love with that big-mouth smile the minute I saw him. Judy is jealous and she bit Max in the backside several times over the first few days. He hid his head in the sofa pillows and let her do it. After a week, he was fed up and bit her once. That was the end of biting at my house.

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