Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Puppy Picture

Please feel free to save and use this Halloween greeting courtesy of ARF Tulsa. We hope you have a safe and happy night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Tail of Happily Ever ARFter

Harriette was a hard luck case in need of some serious tender loving care and medication. She was abandoned in a shed with her mother and siblings with no food or water. When she came to us she had no hair left and was very timid and weak. She has stolen more than a few hearts. This sweetie really deserves a forever home and it looks like she found it. Her new family is showering her with love and attention.

An update from her new family...
"What a little snuggle bunny this puppy is! I can’t tell you how much love Harriette has added to our household. She is the sweetest little dog and has acclimated so well with our two other dogs. We have Maggie, a 14 year old dachshund, and Bug, a 5 year old Boston/French Bull mix, who is also a rescued pet. Harriette and Maggie have a great time together, and Bug would love to play, but gets a bit too boisterous for such a little girl! We supervise his play very closely! Just like a child, he’s a bit jealous of the “new baby”.

I took Harriette to get her rabies and distemper shot yesterday and she had gained ½ pound since coming to live with us on October 16th. Her skin problems are slowly resolving, however, her doctor wants to keep her on the medication for another couple of months. She loves my husband, but is definitely showing a preference for me. If both laps are available, she will choose mine, which is 100% OK with me!"

A very special thank you to all the families who welcome sweet rescue pets into your home and make them part of your life. Harriette's brother Archibald is still waiting for his Happily Ever ARFter!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are you a demoCAT, RePUPlican or IndePETent

Welcome Animal Lovers!! Take time off from the political spin and take our pet poll :)No voter fraud here but Fido may eat the ballots!! What's your PAWty?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Foster Mommy Nora Shares More Fuzzy Lovin'

Diary of a Mad Foster Mom
March, 2008
A young family with two young girls and a girl black and tan mini-doxie came to PetSmart to buy a dress for their own dog. Then their girls saw Peanut and the rest was history. The whole family came to the adoption and brought Peanut a camouflage-colored sweater of his own.
Red has come to live here for now. He is another Min-Pin mix. By now I see a pattern — all the dogs Judy picks are male. Red taught me to pick up my shoes and put them away. He chewed some bungee cord shoelaces on my favorite spring shoes. I couldn’t find new ones in the store, so I called the catalog company where I bought them, told them about ARF and Red, and was sent two pair of FREE bungee cord shoe laces. Thanks Land’s End. Red is in a very high energy stage, like any teen-aged boy.
Red was adopted by a couple in an apartment. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. ARF took him back, another foster home took him in, and he has since found his forever home.
I picked Max, a middle-aged Boston terrier, as a break from the active teen-aged dogs. Max had become an ARF rescue shortly after the ice storm, when he arrived at our veterinarian’s offices with very little hair and very bad skin infection, one eye in such poor shape it had to be removed, and almost unable to walk from cracked infected paws.
He has spent several months with the vet; everybody there loves his happy spirit and will to survive. I fell in love with that big-mouth smile the minute I saw him. Judy is jealous and she bit Max in the backside several times over the first few days. He hid his head in the sofa pillows and let her do it. After a week, he was fed up and bit her once. That was the end of biting at my house.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cute Puppy Video of Rescued Pups & Cats


Even eBay is getting in on the fuzzy lovin'!! Thanks to their giving works program sellers on eBay can donate a percentage of any auction to ARF Tulsa. Our very first eBay seller was Maggie Vansickle. She chooses to share her amazing talent to save more puppy and kitty lives. She lists portraits on eBay and donates a percentage of every auction, every time. You can search 2ARF on eBay or click here for a complete list of participating sellers...

Puppy kisses and kitty licks for all the eBay, eBay sellers and eBay shoppers who send ARF their support and Fuzzy Lovin'!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just give it to the dogs!! Fine Art and More

Southside Auction Co. sells everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary and is hosting a live charity auction with proceeds going to The Animal Rescue Foundation. We are now accepting donations for this amazing event. So if you are a local artist in the Tulsa area or just doing some fall cleaning please consider donating items to this wonderful event.

Have you ever attended a live auction? Now is the time. Everyone in Tulsa should attend a live auction at least once. I have traveled the world and know there are so many things you can find only in Tulsa and an old fashion live auction hosted by a handsome rescue dog is one of them. Southside Auction Co. is a Tulsa exclusive and there is no where else that shopping is this exciting. Want to hear an "OLD TIME" auctioneer? Click here to see and hear Bud Roach in action and learn more about Southside Auction Co.

More information is also available at

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Fuzzy Angel Gets Wings

Gizmo now has a place in puppy heaven after more than 14 years of living the good life with my favorite ARF volunteer. Puppy licks and kitty cuddles. Spanky please take good care of your foster mommy for me!!! Gizmo was the second ARF rescue dog to capture Cheryl's heart and become part of her forever family.
If you need anything at all please don't hesitate to ask. We are here for you!!

We now have a date for Pet Portraits and The Posh Pet photo contest!! November 22nd @ Pooches so please save the date!!! I am still working on a posh pet package for the winner and a holiday pet costume. Session is only $20 and includes portrait session, 2 5x7's and entry into the contest. The basket already includes designer pet accessories and a gift certificate to Pooches!!! Will your pet be the next top model??? Professional photographer, Allyson Fuller, will give your pet the red carpet treatment!! 100% of package sales benefits ARF Tulsa.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Extending a Helping Paw

Our blog is open to submissions!! We are looking for fuzzy lovin' articles, poems, stories and tips geared to rescue minded animal lovers.

Are you a rescue group with an upcoming event benefiting animal rescue? Please feel free to post the event information in the comment section. We are also always considering animal rescue friendly groups, individuals and businesses to feature and highlight. If you would like to see your business, organization or a volunteer featured please send us a little information on how they are a friend to animal rescue.
Furry Friends Unite
The Dog Dish has a cool new feature to unite you with your furry friends!! I'm impressed! Check it out.. is a can see pics there of a former ARF rescue pup!! Just another example of uniting deserving pets with their forever families. May you and your pets live happily ever after!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More from that furry foster mommy!!!!

Diary of a Mad Foster Mom by Nora continued....

January, 2008
In late January, an ARF Help line call from a just-retired beautician quickly led to Lenny’s adoption. Karen now says it took a few months for Lenny to warm up to her husband, but he listened to her every word and followed her everywhere from the first day. Yes, it was hard to say good-bye, but I know he has a great home where he is well-fed, loved, and taken care of.
February, 2008
I picked up Peanut this week; a young, male, black and tan dachshund. I never had a doxie before and really enjoyed how he propped himself up when sitting beside me in my favorite chair, so he could give me warm kisses. In the house, Judy could outrun Peanut easily, but he could soon figure out shortcuts and they were buddies within a week.

***Extending A Helping Paw***
Are you a rescue group with an upcoming event benefiting animal rescue? Please feel free to post the event information in the comment section. We are also always considering animal rescue friendly groups, individuals and businesses to feature and highlight. If you would like to see your business, organization or a volunteer featured please send us a little information on how they are a friend to animal rescue.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What's Up With Fido's Chakra??

People have been exploring the healing power of stones and crystals for centuries but what about your furry friend? According to the owner of puppy love jewlrey Aventurine is a great stone for rescue pets. It is a very healing stone for animals, helping ease emotional scars. Aventurine instills confidence and boosts resistance to stress while calming fears and oversensitivity. This stone resonates with your pet's heart chakra. There are many other collar charms with stones and crystals targeted to your pets particular needs from blocking negative energy to boosting immunity.

Did you know we raised over $500 for ARF through eBay's giving works program?? Marjorie single handedly contributed over $100 through several 100% donations from the sale of her gorgeous creations to ARF Tulsa. Thank you Puppy Love Jewelry!!!

Are you sad you missed the eBay auction? Then be sure to participate in our upcoming LIVE auction. Your donations and support are always greatly appreciated year round.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Puppy Poem Shades of Crenshaw

Shades of Crenshaw by Debby

It started when he jumped into the rocking chair
Knowing full well he was wrong and shouldn't be there.
He spied something shiny on the table in the basket
And plucked it out and made a snack of it.

The clip-on sunglasses crunched, crunched, crunched
As Crewshaw munched, munched, munched.

After awhile he started feeling funny
Then something began moving and growling in his tummy.
When his foster mom found the leftover bits he had nibbled
The rest had already come back up along with Alpo and Kibbles.

She gave him a frowny face. Hey, what's with her?
He wouldn't be Crenshaw if he didn't create a stir.

But it was worth the frowns and upset tummy
Although the sunglasses weren't all that yummy
They were still worth his foster mom's tirades
Because they were his very first pair of designer eye shades!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

ARF! ARF! Diary of A Mad Foster Mom

Diary of a Mad Foster Mom by Nora
Part 1
March, 2007
I joined ARF to help out on Saturdays at PetSmart. My landlord said, “No dogs.” I shuddered as she said it. But every other Saturday gives me enough dog-fix to get me through.
September, 2007
I have moved to my very own house. I want to be an ARF foster mom. I just want to unpack most of the boxes and put things away before I start.
October, 2007
A stray Jack Russell terrier has come into my life and stayed. She has quickly become the queen of the neighborhood, a friend to all my neighbors, totally dedicated to the mission of ridding our street of squirrels. I still want to foster.
I am a retired person of Medicare age and I figure I could help two or three dogs in my remaining active years if I adopt, and many, many more if I foster. Judy, the Jack Russell, is dog-friendly most of the time.
Early December, 2007
I took Judy with me to pick the foster dog she liked. We picked Lenny, a smooth velvety reddish-brown Min Pin mix, about a year old. Lenny had heartworm when ARF rescued him and has finished his treatments, although I am supposed to keep him quiet. No one has told Lenny this! He is a happy, active boy, dashing around the house and enjoying our daily outdoor walks.
Late December, 2007
The ice storm came and the power went off for nine days. I was never happier to have my two little bed warmers, just the right kind of heat generators. Some little dogs just hate to go outside in bad weather, but these two were troopers, seeming to understand good behavior counts double in difficult times.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tail Wagging Excited

We're tail wagging happy because we have made some great new friends at a time we need it most. Thank you Southside Auction Co., Pooches and Picture the Moment Photography!! Thanks to you we have some amazing fundraising events in the works. Please check back often or visit for the latest dates, information & upcoming celebrations!! Thank you for everyone who donates to animal rescue. You open your homes, hearts and businesses to animal rescue so that we may continue to treat, rescue and love the abandoned and unwanted pets in our community and we are grateful!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Dog Hollerer

Courtesy of Debby, The Dog Hollerer

I am a big fan of Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, and his TV show of the same name on cable (National Geographic Channel). He speaks knowingly of being the “calm and assertive leader” and I dig that! I want to be that for my dogs.
However, with my dogs and the foster dogs from ARF, I am often The Dog Hollerer.” I, of course, blame it on the dogs. Cesar would sit me down and explain in his charming Latino accent that I am the problem, not the dogs. And he would be correct (darn it).
Even as I type this, I am stopping to turn around and holler at my dogs to please shut up. They are barking at a man and woman walking outside in a calm and assertive way with their calm and submissive Sheltie. My dogs are going ballistic inside the house as they watch the calmness.
Cesar says to stand near your dogs, say something guttural, and let your superior “I mean business, buddy” aura do the trick. It does the trick for him. Sometimes it works on my dogs.
Crenshaw, one of the foster dogs I have right now, is another story. He came to my home not knowing his name, neither his ARF name (Crenshaw) nor the adopted name he was called for awhile (Chauncey). The adopter was a mature lady who said that Crenshaw was WAY too much for her, what with his teeth and his claws ripping at her. His nails were long, but that was easily fixed at the groomer’s. His teeth can’t be fixed. He has a lower jaw overbite that is really kind of cute. Crenshaw does not have a face – he has a mug. He can’t help it if his sticking-out teeth hang on skin every so often.
After weeks and weeks he finally knows his name. He looks at me when I holler “Crenshaw!” or “Crennie, stop that!” That, my friends, is progress. He is young – not quite a year old. We got him when he was only a few months old. It was thought that he would be adopted quickly and “stick” with some family. Crennie has had rotten luck. I’m hoping his luck will change soon.
Lately, he has taken it upon himself to barrel up into my lap. This is sweet, but startling. Sort of like having a cannon ball land on you out of the blue. After I get my breath back, I pet him and tell him he’s a gorgeous kid. He likes that.
He is not impressed with my calm and assertive self. He looks blankly at me when I discipline him “Cesar style.” Sometimes he barks back at me as if to say, “Snap out of it, woman!” When I holler he pays some attention to me, if only for a fleeting minute.
I am The Dog Hollerer.

We have the best volunteers!!!

Trying to choose one volunteer to highlight is tough work!! Everyone is amazing but Debby has really stepped up and worked hard bringing in the dough for ARF and spreading the word about animal rescue. We are a non-profit organization and are only able to operate thanks to people like Debby who sacrifice their own time to save our furry friends!!
If you want an extra dose of Debby's wit and humor be sure you are signed up for ARF'S newsletter and visit often!!
Thank you Debby!! Our furry friends are lucky to have you on their side!!!
Do you live in the Tulsa area and love animals?? Then you can join us in animal rescue. Please consider opening your home and heart to an abandoned pet awaiting adoption.