Saturday, October 4, 2008

ARF! ARF! Diary of A Mad Foster Mom

Diary of a Mad Foster Mom by Nora
Part 1
March, 2007
I joined ARF to help out on Saturdays at PetSmart. My landlord said, “No dogs.” I shuddered as she said it. But every other Saturday gives me enough dog-fix to get me through.
September, 2007
I have moved to my very own house. I want to be an ARF foster mom. I just want to unpack most of the boxes and put things away before I start.
October, 2007
A stray Jack Russell terrier has come into my life and stayed. She has quickly become the queen of the neighborhood, a friend to all my neighbors, totally dedicated to the mission of ridding our street of squirrels. I still want to foster.
I am a retired person of Medicare age and I figure I could help two or three dogs in my remaining active years if I adopt, and many, many more if I foster. Judy, the Jack Russell, is dog-friendly most of the time.
Early December, 2007
I took Judy with me to pick the foster dog she liked. We picked Lenny, a smooth velvety reddish-brown Min Pin mix, about a year old. Lenny had heartworm when ARF rescued him and has finished his treatments, although I am supposed to keep him quiet. No one has told Lenny this! He is a happy, active boy, dashing around the house and enjoying our daily outdoor walks.
Late December, 2007
The ice storm came and the power went off for nine days. I was never happier to have my two little bed warmers, just the right kind of heat generators. Some little dogs just hate to go outside in bad weather, but these two were troopers, seeming to understand good behavior counts double in difficult times.

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