Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday

A picture is worth a thousand words and this photo speaks volumes. This sweetie suffered for years in a puppy mill before being saved. One look at that sweet smile and who wouldn't want to love her forever? Sadly she is still waiting in Tulsa for her forever family. A very special thank you to "Cheaper than Therapy" for letting us join in on A Thousand Word Thursday!!

Cheaper Than Therapy

And please don't forget to read the story of Caroline and let her know how impressive it is that a nine year old stepped up to save the animals in her community!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inspired By Caroline

Nine year old Caroline mastered the art of giving and successfully launched her own fundraiser.

Caroline Cremin is a 4th grader in Oklahoma. She has always loved animals, especially dogs. Her family has two dogs named Tinkerbell and Cookie. The experience of adopting Cookie opened Caroline’s eyes to the overpopulation and neglect many animals face. She began searching for ways to help pets find homes and get the proper care they deserve. For her 9th birthday, Caroline received a bottle-cap necklace from a friend that had been purchased at a local boutique. She and her mother, Stacey Cremin, decided they would try to make their own version of bottle-cap necklaces. Together, they could custom design and sell them for a lower cost than the boutique and raise money to help abandoned pets. The response was overwhelming! Friends, family, and teachers purchased necklaces from Caroline. As Caroline began earning money, she thought about how the proceeds could best be spent. She and her family had learned about ARF from their friend and ARF volunteer, Diane Barker. Caroline shared ARF’s mission to rescue animals from city shelters and knew they needed extra money to provide for their care. After reaching her goal of two hundred dollars, Caroline happily donated the money to ARF. She feels a strong love and moral obligation to help homeless animals.

We are humbled by Caroline's generous donation to ARF Tulsa. She exemplifies the spirit of giving that enables us to continue our mission. Please help yourself to this fun little button "Inspired by Caroline" and help us spread her uplifting story of generosity. Just cut and paste the code below into your own blog as HTML.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Introducing the Whatapoo!

Pet Entry
What's a Whatapoo? Whatapoos are known for their special nature, unique personalities and loving dispositions. You want it, they got it. Laurent is a wonderful example of the breed. Laurent and his tiny brothers are a touch of Cockapoo, a dash a Chihuahua, some Maltese and a ton of love!! Whatapoos come in all shapes and sizes. Whatapoos are very special and gaining in popularity. Unfortunately whatapoos are often abandoned, neglected and searching for love. Laurent and his brothers need a home and some loving. Please treasure, spoil and nurture your Whatapoo.