Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Tail of Happily Ever ARFter

Harriette was a hard luck case in need of some serious tender loving care and medication. She was abandoned in a shed with her mother and siblings with no food or water. When she came to us she had no hair left and was very timid and weak. She has stolen more than a few hearts. This sweetie really deserves a forever home and it looks like she found it. Her new family is showering her with love and attention.

An update from her new family...
"What a little snuggle bunny this puppy is! I can’t tell you how much love Harriette has added to our household. She is the sweetest little dog and has acclimated so well with our two other dogs. We have Maggie, a 14 year old dachshund, and Bug, a 5 year old Boston/French Bull mix, who is also a rescued pet. Harriette and Maggie have a great time together, and Bug would love to play, but gets a bit too boisterous for such a little girl! We supervise his play very closely! Just like a child, he’s a bit jealous of the “new baby”.

I took Harriette to get her rabies and distemper shot yesterday and she had gained ½ pound since coming to live with us on October 16th. Her skin problems are slowly resolving, however, her doctor wants to keep her on the medication for another couple of months. She loves my husband, but is definitely showing a preference for me. If both laps are available, she will choose mine, which is 100% OK with me!"

A very special thank you to all the families who welcome sweet rescue pets into your home and make them part of your life. Harriette's brother Archibald is still waiting for his Happily Ever ARFter!

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