Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Koehler!

This dog's chance at ringing in the New Year were slim. He had been brought into the Sand Spring's shelter after being hit by a car. Koehler had a broken pelvis and required a very expensive and specialized procedure to survive. Dr. Huckaby from Bent Arrow Vet. and Tulsa Plastic Surgeon Dr. Koehler from Tulsa Surgical Arts joined forces. They donated their services and plated his hip. Darren Swiggett from Stryker-Leibinger donated the plates and screws! Amazing things happen when phenomenal people work together! Thank you all so much for saving Koehler. Sending you fuzzy lovin' and puppy kisses!

Koehler is getting a second chance at life. He is already putting some weight on his hip. Will you help keep him off the streets and headed in a pawsitive direction?
You can visit puppy Koehler and Dr. Huckaby at Bent Arrow Vet. Call 459-9100 for an appointment. He will be available for adoption after a few weeks of recovery time.
You visit the Dr. Koehler at Tulsa Surgical Arts or sniff him out on Facebook!

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