Sunday, December 7, 2008


One of our most amazing volunteers is celebrating EIGHTY amazing years! ARF is so grateful she has spent many of those years rescuing animals and sharing her life with us.
Mabel was a head cook for Tulsa Public Schools for several years. Her husband was chief engineer at KOTV, Channel 6. She started volunteering in 1993, soon after her husband died of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). She has adopted several ARF dogs over the years, fostered moms & puppies early on & some larger dogs. The last few years, after having both knees replaced (which only slowed her temporarily!) she has stayed with Chihuahuas. For several years she was the "go to" gal for ARF, driving to the shelter & filling her little station wagon with dogs. She would have leashes knotted out of every door, dogs secured inside, & crates in the middle. Many days she put 70 miles a day in, transporting dogs from the shelter to the vet to the groomer & back to the vet. Mabel was in charge of the 41st St Petsmart on Thursdays & Saturdays, & the 71st St Petsmart on Fridays. We stopped doing the Thursday booth about 8 or 9 years ago. Mabel is also very active in her church, still helping cook Wednesday night dinners & cooking lots of meals for funerals. No telling how many hundreds of cinnamon rolls she bakes every year: her dinner rolls & cinnamon rolls are the best! She has kept all the donated dog & cat supplies (along with the attending visitor mice) for many years.


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