Monday, November 3, 2008

Neutered but still 100% stud

Hubby is ready to have himself fixed. We have two perfect two legged princesses and we’re all set. In support of his decision I visited to ease his fears. So the good news is he is going to be less likely to mark his territory and once altered will be even less likely to roam. Looks like I will be saving money since I won't have to buy a shock collar to keep him from looking at other women. We were both worried about him getting fat and lazy once altered but that appears to be a myth. He will still be his handsome and protective self and any changes will be for the better. I think he still needs some support and reassurance. Please help me put his fears to rest!! Maybe your dogs and cats will go first and show him how easy it is. There are many cost effective programs in place for spaying or neutering pets in and around Oklahoma. We hope you support animal rescue by spaying or neutering your furry family members. Check out our adoptable animals for a look at some 100% studs and lovely ladies already spayed or neutered.

For a more serious look at the pros and cons of spaying and neutering your pets please visit.

Keep up the good work McCurtain County. McCurtain County vets have teamed up with the group Animal Rescue and Care to offer spaying and neutering at reduced rates. More details are available at…

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